Q1. What types of silver do you buy?

A1. We buy any silver that is at least 50% purrity. Most jewelry and flatware will have a purtiy stamp (925, sterling, 800, .900, .950). If you do not see a purity stamp most likely the item is silver plated.


Q2. What types of coins do you buy?

A2. We buy all types of coins, bullion and numismatics (collectible). Click on ” Sell silver coins” to see a full list of US silver coins and key dates to look for. Prices are updated with the market every minute. Numismatic coins are priced based on collector demand, rareity & condition.


Q1. How do I sell my scrap gold?

A1. It is easy, bring in your unwanted gold or silver and we give you a free appraisal within minutes. You will be surprised how much just a few necklaces and rings could be worth. If you are unsure if its gold or silver, bring it anyway!

Q2. How do I know if my gold or silver is real?

A2. Most gold and silver will be marked or stamped. For gold jewelry, you should look for markings such as 10k, 10KT, 14k, 14kt…ect. Markings such as 1/20 14kt GF means that your item is “gold filled” and not pure 14kt gold. A gold necklace will be marked on the clasp, earrings will have a tiny stamp on the post. If you can see any tiny lettering, it is probably real because fakes don’t usually take the time to stamp that small. Rings will be market on the inside of the ring. For sterling silver and flatware, you should look for markings such as “sterling”, 925 or SS. Some companies use the name “Silver” as part of the company name (eg. International Silver Co.) and are usually “NOT” silver. Just because your flatware has tarnished does not mean it is real silver. Most flatware is “silver plated” and just the exterior plating has tarnished. We do not buy gold plated or silver plated items.

Q3. How long does it take? 

A3. The average customer can get paid within 10-15 min. The more items you have the longer it takes.

Q4. Do I need to bring a form of ID?

A4. Yes, we do require a copy of your drivers license. Must be at least 18 years old to sell us your items.

Q5. What do you do with the diamonds or stones that may be present in my items?

A5. We remove diamonds and stones free of charge. We can make you and offer on the stones if you wish to sell them as well.

Q6. How do we test your items?

A6. Most items can be tested using the acid/scratch test method. This method uses specific concentrations of nitric and muriatic acid to determine the fitness or quality of the metal. Bullion, nuggets, and varied alloyed metals will sometimes need to go though a fire assay or X-ray Fluorescence. The fire assay method can take up to 7 days to get results back.