Understanding Precious Metals

Raw Gold


Gold is a natural occuring element that is found in veins of quartz and alluvial deposits. Pure gold is very soft and is alloyed with other metals to add strength and luster. The most common gold jewelry is 14k usually a mix of 58.5% gold and the remainder a mix of copper and other alloys.

Melting Point = 1947.52 Degrees F

Measured on a 1k-24k scale.

24k gold is 99.9999% pure gold (Markings = 24k or Fine Gold .9999)

22k gold is 91.67% pure gold (Markings = 916)

18k gold is 75.00% pure gold (Markings =18K or 750)

14k gold is 58.33% pure gold (Markings = 14k or 585)

10k gold is 41.67% pure gold (Markings = 10k or 417)

Raw Silver


Occurs naturally in a pure form or can be found in mineral form such as argentite. Silver has the highest thermal and electrical conductivity of any precious metal.

Melting Point = 1763.2 Degrees F

Measured in Troy OZ. (Markings = SS, Sterling or 925 is 92.50% pure silver)

Pure silver 99.9999% pure

Raw Platinum


Is one of the most rare elements found in the earths crust. Platinum does not tarnish or wear like gold. Mostly found in South Africa in the alluvial sands of rivers.

Platinum jewelry is 90-95% purity.

Markings = Plat. or PT

Melting Point = 3214.9 Degrees